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Our instruments are entirely handmade in Yorkshire UK. They are built without compromise using the very finest materials, pickups and hardware available.


New Hammerhead basses are now available

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Each one is specifically tailored to suit the individual requirements of the customer.

We offer a very personal experience that you just don’t get with an off the shelf, mass produced instrument. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, there are just two of us here at Alpher so any emails or messages you send you will be speaking directly to us. 

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“…This instrument is nothing short of perfection, everything you’d expect from a hard working British boutique Luthier who loves what he does”

About Our Instruments

What goes into making an Alpher Instrument?

We make bespoke custom guitars and basses with a massive range of wood, pickups and electronics options.

Our designs have been specifically engineered to be well balanced, ergonomically comfortable while retaining a classic look that create the Alpher identity.

Opting for a one piece neck and a true bolt on design to deliver the best tone and create the ‘Alpher sound’.

All our materials are specially selected from the highest quality woods and parts without compromise and we will help guide you using our expertise, making sure all the combinations will work in perfect harmony to create your dream instrument.

We have chosen a select few companies to work with that deliver the very best possible quality with a wide range of options that help to create an Alpher. These include :

Hipshot Hardware, Schaller, Nordstrand, East UK, Aguilar, Darkglass Electronics, Curtis Novak, Bareknuckle Pickups, Sunbear, TV Jones and Lollar.  

Alpher Instruments

Alex Wood and Chris Dobson